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  Before you actively look at homes to buy, it's necessary to know how much you can qualify for. Use our mortgage calculator to determine how much you can buy with your down payment and closing cost money and what your monthly payments will be.

Know Your Credit Worthiness

  Look at your credit report before you go to a lender. It is not uncommon to find problems with reports, especially if you have a common last name. To get copies of your credit report, start at TransUnion, Experian or Exquifax.  There are also many mortgage brokers that will offer credit credit repair services to help raise your credit score.

Get Pre-Approved

  After you see your credit report and any problems are cleared up, get pre-approved with a lender. Take the steps necessary to get a letter from the lender stating you are "pre-approved" for a loan in a specific price range. It's important to have this letter before you make a contract offer to buy real estate. Once you are pre-approved, you know what price range of homes you should be viewing.

  The way you present your home to prospective buyers can make all the difference. Without investing in expensive and time-consuming renovation and redecoration, you can still show your home to its very best advantage. With over 32 years experience in selling homes, Marge Crisp Real Estate can give you the tips you need to sell your home.

Curb Appeal

That first impression when prospective buyers drive up is very important. If they don't find the outside appealing, they won't be interested in seeing what's inside.

The Yard

Mowed lawns, trimmed shrubbery and clean windows are a start. Planting a few flowers or plants can do a lot to a front yard. Fertilize and water the lawn and plants thoroughly 2-3 weeks before putting the house on the market. Clean up oil spots on the driveway. Make sure the garage door opens easily. Swimming pools should be clean along with the pump and filters. Clean up and throw away any junk or items laying around the yard. Now is a good time to have a yard sale, get rid of those items that you don't plan to take with you.

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